Cascade Corporation Forks and Forklift Attachments

Cascade Corporation produces a variety of accessories that allow a conventional lift truck to do more. They give forklifts the ability to push, pull, clamp, lift, sideshift, and rotate loads. 

Specialized attachments include:

  • Carton Clamp for palletless handing
  • Bale Clamps - for moving bundles
  • Paper Roll Clamps - for gently handling paper
  • Fork Clamps - with positioners, for moving awkward loads
  • Fork Positioners - move the forks without leaving the seat
  • Rotators - twist the forks 360 degrees
  • Push/Pulls - ship and receive on slip sheets
  • Layer Pickers - for canned and bottled products
  • Sideshifters - Shift a load from side to side
  • Forks with bluetooth - weigh your products while moving them
  • Magnetic fork covers - for slippery magnetic loads

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