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Spring Cleaning

Quicker Dry Times Means More Safety | Greater Cleaning Efficiency | Easier Process.

Walk vs Ride - Pack Mule Vehicle Savings

Work Smarter - See how you can save up to $12600/year!

Forklift Tire Replacement -When to Replace Your Tires

Forklift Tire Replacement - How to know when to replace your tires, and what type of tire should you get?

Hyundai Big Trucks Get it Done!

Hyundai 9-series diesel forklift 4 wheel counterbalance trucks provide operator comfort, high productivity and easy maintenance.

Forklift Parts When You Need Them

Thousands of OEM-quality replacement parts for all makes and models of forklifts with an six-month, unlimited-hour warranty, in-stock or available with just a 1-day lead time.

Hyundai 20BT-9 3 Wheel Electric Forklift

The Hyundai 20BT-9 3 wheel electric forklift is a safe bet with a 'Best in Class' warranty and excellent maneuverability

Forklift Training Available On-line or Live Classroom

Call about Forklift Training today - Protect Your Employees & Your Business.

What is A Forklift Tune up/Clean Up?

What is involved in a forklift tune up and clean up?

Nilfisk Liberty SC60 Robotic Floor Scrubber

The Nilfisk Liberty SC60, a robotic floor scrubber powered by AI software platform.

Renting Forklifts: What You Need to Know

Renting can be a great way to expand your capacity quickly. Here are some things you should know.

Flexi Narrow Aisle Forklift vs. Sit-Down Forklift

The Flexi narrow aisle forklift allows you to create more usable space in your warehouse.

Carer A-Series Forklift Trucks

Carer A-Series electric lift trucks make awkward lifting situations a breeze!

What you need to know about forks for your lift truck

Assumptions - and mistakes - are often made when it comes to the forks on your lift truck. 

How to Lower Your Overall Maintenance Costs

Forklifts of Michigan comprehensive and affordable planned maintenance programs custom designed for your specific application and equipment.

Express Parts - No Extra Cost

Thousands of parts for all makes and models of material handling equipment - most in stock or with just a 1-day lead-time!

Used Forklift Specials

Used forklifts can save you money. Take a look at our used inventory.

FM ProTire Forklift Tire Replacement Guide

Forklifts of Michigan's guide to selecting the right tire for your forklift application

Introducing our New Sales Workaholic

Use the forms to start the buying process

7 Reasons Why 65% of the Marketplace Buys Electric Forklifts

Spoiler: On average, you can save $22,000 to $30,000* on your total ownership cost over a 60 month period with electric forklifts.

UniCarriers BXC50 Electric Forklifts

Efficient drive, wide-open compartment, stable wheelbase 2 year full warranty.

Pack Mule vs Taylor-Dunn

What do you get if you choose Pack Mule over Taylor-Dunn? You can expect more.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Hyundai BCS Electric Standup

See the top 5 reasons to consider the Hyundai electric standup forklift

UniCarriers Nomad - A Swiss Army Forklift

The Nomad is compact enough to navigate aisles and tough enough for outdoor jobs

Carer High Capacity, Low Drama Electric Forklifts

Fuel savings, fewer moving parts, and no harmful emissions

Introducing the FactoryCat GTR

Built like a tank in the USA, the GTR Rider Floor Scrubber is simple and durable.

Carer Electric Forklifts Serving the Steel Industry

Reducing of harmful emissions, more and more industries to switch from forklifts with internal combustion engines to electric forklifts.

Video: Unicarriers WLX Walkie Pallet Jack

The UniCarriers WLX: Industry Leading Specs Built to Stand Up to the Toughest Conditions.

Video: Online Service Requests

You can use to submit service, parts and rental requests and receive a quick response.

Advance ES4000 Total Carpet Care System

From everyday carpet maintenance to deep restorative extraction, the ES4000™ Total Carpet Care System offers versatility and productivity.

OptiView Masts - How Clear is your view?

This exclusive UniCarriers mast design provides greater forward visibility than a standard 3-stage mast.