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Service is at the heart of our business, and our service technicians are some of the best trained in the industry. By choosing Forklifts of Michigan for your service needs, you will receive:

Trained Forklift Mechanic working on a customer forklift
  • Professional, highly trained technicians
  • Industry leading response times
  • Quickest parts availability
  • Easy to understand tracking
  • Fair and competitive rates
  • Detailed service history records
  • Comprehensive Planned Maintenance Program

Maintenance and Repair

If you're tired of managing the day to day repairs on your floor, then we have the solution for you. Through our full Maintenance and Repair program, you pay a flat monthly fee, and we take care of the rest. You are able to focus on what your business does best, and we are able to focus on what we do best - repairing equipment and managing expense.

Our Full Maintenance and Repair program includes:

  • Flat monthly bill
  • Covers planned maintenance and break down repairs
  • Industry leading response times
  • Utilization of monitoring and reports
  • A partner to help you minimize expenses

FleetMetrics Program

Have you ever wondered how much you spent in the last year on equipment maintenance, or don't even know where to start with your fleet? With our FleetMetrics program we can tell you. We can provide detailed fleet reports and recommendations including equipment replacement, retirement and reallocation.

Fleet Reporting Service History