Rocla Automatic Guided Vehicles

Rocla's modular AGV system is flexibile enough to enable a custom configuration and the right guided vehicle make-up to suit your your specific application, AGVs can be added to any existing system very easily, and layout changes can be done easily. Rocla can outfit a wide range of applications and industries, operate in small workspaces, move heavy loads and lift to high locations, with ready made solutions for various material handling industry segments.

Rocla AGV FleetController

Rocla AGV Fleetcontroller provides an efficient and flexible AGV system. With Route Optimizer, the system will:

  • Manage traffic patterns dynamically in real time to find the most optimal routes available and automatically direct traffic.
  • Prioritize and optimize transports and forecast AGV pickups.
  • Provide real time insight into the AGV fleet and can provide detailed data reports.
  • Easily integrate with your system.

Rocla Brochures

Rocla Full Line Brochure

Rocla AGV Reach Truck

Making the Case for Rocla AGV

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