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What is A Forklift Tune up/Clean Up?

The engine on a forklift is installed opposite of a car – the fan and radiator are in the back! They don’t go fast enough to have outside air push through the radiator and help with cooling so they are designed to ‘draw’ air from underneath and the fan pushes air through the radiator to keep it cool.


Surface conditions in most forklift applications are dirty!

  • General dust inside a plant
  • Dirt from outside parking lots
  • Oil from machining / stamping
  • Debris – plastic wrap, pallet netting, and strapping

These ALL get drawn in underneath the forklift and blown into the radiator. After time, the radiator can begin to plug up and the problem of overheating accelerates. Our technicians see it all the time – part of our scheduled PM is to use compressed air to blow that radiator clean. 


There comes a point where it makes sense to have the unit brought for a thorough Clean-up/Tune-up and PM

Here’s how it happens:


1. We schedule the unit for pick-up when you can spare the machine – we’ll bring a rental if that helps!


2. Our technicians use our High Pressure / High Heat wash bay to deep-clean your forklift

  a. A degreasing soap detergent is applied in the engine compartment (we’re careful to protect electrical components).

  b. The soap is allowed to soak and cut through built-up dirt and oil that has accumulated with use.

  c. The unit is washed thoroughly paying special attention to the radiator to maximize cooling capacity


3. Following the wash, the unit is serviced completely using our comprehensive maintenance inspection


  a. All Safety items are inspected 1st (horns and alarms, OHG, light groups, brakes, forks/chain, brakes, and tires).

  b. A test-drive is completed to make sure the operator’s experience is safe, functional, and performing as it should.

  c. Visual inspection of the engine compartment, air intake/exhaust, transmission inching valves, hydraulic valves and controls, lift/tilt/attachment operation, and fuel system components.

  d. Thorough greasing of all fittings including (not limited to) the mast mounting / trunnion bushings, steer axle, pivot points, and cylinder mountings.

  e. Engine oil is changed and a new filter is installed. We’ll clean the air-filter if possible or recommend a replacement.

  f. A PM sticker is applied (or updated) with the Date and Service Completed so you can be sure to update your records.


4. Any recommended repairs that our technician advises will be communicated and quoted if necessary.


5. We deliver it back to you Safe, Clean, and Freshly Serviced.


When Should I Get a Clean Up/Tune Up?


We find that offering this service in the Spring is most appropriate for our Customers. Wash away the residual salt and grime from the winter season! We are committed to providing great value to our Customers to help maximize the investment in equipment.


(ps it lasts longer).

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