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Save 10% on Forklift Seats

Ultra Universale Seat - 10% off

February 1st is when our Seat Sale starts. 10% off our Ultra Universal Seat. 15% off all the rest.

Ultra Universal Seat $340

Regular price:$371

In-stock. Part# 7837653

Full Suspension Aftermarket Seat $450

Regular price: $512

In-stock. Part# 2950677

Why Replace Seats? 

  • Damaged and worn seats can cause operator fatigue, leading to lower productivity, accidents and damaged products.
  • OSHA can fine you for damaged seats, and if there is an accident and it's determined that the seat was damaged or didn't have a working seat belt -- your business could be liable and you could incur additional fines.

ALSO Offering 15% Off ALL OEM Seats and Cushions 

Whatever your budget is, we have many options and we will help match up the best seat for your unique needs! 

Click or call (616) 455-2376 to take advantage of this special offer!

Sale valid through February 1st through March 1 2024

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