Pack Mule Electric Vehicles

The Pack Mule NXG is a new class of electric utility vehicle unmatched by any other manufacturer. Some standard features on the NXG, such as A/C power, are available with manufacturers at extra cost, and some aren’t available from them at all.

Here's what puts the Pack Mule NXG in a class by itself.

  • More Runtime: A/C power, dual stage regenerative braking, industry-leading 245 A/H batteries, and 90 psi low-rolling-friction tires.
  • Smarter: Regenerative charging and safety features that reduce accident risk and keep you at peak performance.
  • Easy maintenance: Sealed brushless motor, sealed bearings, sealed transaxle and a contact-free hall effect potentiometer.
  • 3 Year Warranty, Unlimited Hours: The longest warranty in the industry, covering labor, materials and freight.
  • Durable: Fully welded 14-gauge diamond plated construction and 6-ply, Load Range C tires.

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