Forklift Tire Replacement -When to Replace Your Tires

Monday, March 20, 2017

 The Cost of Old Tires

Forklift tires are a large part of operating costs - 20%-30% of a forklift's total lifetime operating
expense goes into the tires. Worn tires cut into productivity, taking up to 10% more time to cover the
same distance.

Operator comfort, and therefore productivity, is also strongly linked to tire condition. Tires
are the only shock absorber on a forklift. Comfortable operators get more work done.

When To Replace Your Lift Truck Tires

Look for:
- Chunking, or gouging, separation of rubber from the wheel
- Tire volume loss
Tire volume has to do with these numbers placed on the tire sidewall.
21 by 7 by 15. The first number, 21 is the height of the tire. 7 is the width, 15 is the rim size.
If this was measured out 2 inches less than the diameter from the floor to the top, it would be time to replace that tire. in this case if height was 19.
When you lose 2 inches on a standard size tire, you're driving a truck 15-18% harder and farther than it needs to, simply because you now have a smaller tire, so you're wearing out more pieces and parts than just the tire. That' s one good reason to be checking out your tire wear, and volume on your tire.

Lift Truck Tire Types



ProTire-PnuematicTire.jpgGenerally less expensive, and provide a smoother ride, which protects equipment against excess vibration.


ProTire-PneumaticShapedSolidTire.jpgImproved capacity over cushion tires, added stability, and last longer than pneumatic tires. Non-marking available.


ProTire-PolyurethaneTire.jpgPolyurethane lasts longer than rubber, and is resistant to oils and chemicals. They are also non-marking.


ProTire-CushionTire.jpgCushion tires are solid rubber, and do not require much maintenance, but they have less traction than a pneumatic tire, particularly outdoors. The majority of forklift tires are cushion tires. Non-marking available.

Forklifts of Michigan Tire Guide (PDF)

Get a quote on tires

Contact our Tire Experts to help you find the tire you need, and in many cases, arrange on-site tire replacement.

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