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Renting Forklifts: What You Need to Know

What you should know:

Why you should you rent your next forklift or manlift?

  • Replace for out-of-service equipment
  • Add capacity for short term or immediate needs
  • Try out equipment before you buy
  • Supply short term projects and needs
  • Seasonal requirements
  • Keep capital expenses
  • Expense based on need
  • No need to store extra equipment

What you need beforehand about your needs

  • Weight capacity - what is the maximum weight you will need to lift?
  • Lift height - how high will the forks need to reach?
  • Environment - indoor/outdoor, smooth/rough surfaces
  • Operational width, specialized attachments

What you need to have before you rent

  • Requires a proof of insurance
  • Requires a credit application
  • Requires a trained operator

Why Forklift of Michigan? Rental Advantage

FM has an advantage, when planning out your rental, with automatic rate adjustments. If you start out a daily rental, that has a higher rate, but find that your need has extended beyond a week, your rate will be adjusted to the weekly rate.


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