Introducing Carer Electric Forklift Solutions!

Introducing the newest edition to the Forklifts of Michigan Family!

Carer Electric Forklift Solutions

Specializing in High Capacity Electric Forklifts 13,000 - 60,000 lb availability

Carer KR Forklift

High Capacity. Low Drama.

Carer Forklift

A Perfect Alternative to Diesel

Electric forklifts have over 1,000 fewer moving parts than a comparable diesel or LPG unit. Avoid the challenges of Tiered fuel compliance altogether with no performance loss.

Carer Forklift

High voltage batteries and efficient control systems yield multiple shift capacity on a single charge.

Carer Forklift

Industry-leading weather protection ratings allow full utilization in all applications - indoors and out..

Contact us to learn more!

616.455.2376 or

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