Video: Online Service Requests

Online Service Requests

You can use to submit service, parts and rental requests.
The requests go the our entire team so that you receive a quick response from the appropriate person.

These links can be found on the top of the service, parts and rental pages.

Contact us today to learn more!

Video Description

Scene 1

text: We love it when you call, but there is another way to reach us!

visual: Forklifts of Michigan Logo

Scene 2

visual: Forklifts of Michigan home page


- Mouse pointer moves to service link
- Click on Request Service link that looks like a button
- Link opens Request Service Form
- Text begins to fill in on each form field

visual: close up on description in form comment
text: Please have someone come urgently, our unit is down and we are very busy.

Scene 3

visual: Parts request form
text: Parts request

Scene 4

visual: Rental request form
text: Rental requests

Scene 5

visual: logo
text: Requests go to the entire team, so that we can best take care of you.

Scene 6

visual: logo
text: 616-455-2376

action: logo shrinks back

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