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Can a single forklift really navigate tight indoor aisles and handle tough outdoor jobs without

tearing up your asphalt or getting stuck?


YES it can!


It's like getting two forklifts for the price of one. Also get greater up-time, extended service intervals, enhanced operator comfort, simpler maintenance and lower emissions. All backed by the industry’s best standard, limited warranty.


Call for a FREE Demo 616-455-2376


Watch an introductory video to see for yourself


The Industry's best Problem Solver is the Nomad by UniCarriers.

Navigate indoor aisles and handle tough outdoor jobs without damaging your asphalt - or your forklift!


• Compact, indoor frame to navigate 12' aisles
• Rugged, outdoor tires to handle uneven concrete, rough parking lots, and yards


Lower costs by reducing wear and tear on axles and mast mounting. Increase efficiency by giving operators a forklift that goes where they need to go. Available in 3000lb, 3500lb,
and 5000lb capacities. Also available with Optiview mast.

Rates as low as 3.3%
$315 MONTH
Nicely equipped 1200 hour/year lease.
Taxes additional.

Subject to credit approval.


Learn more about the UniCarriers OptiView Mast

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